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Maine Gov. Paul LePage said Saturday on "Cavuto Live" that he spoke with President Trump about the successes of his Medicaid-to-work program.

LePage said his state needed a way to produce revenues and clean up the Medicaid system.

He implemented a program wherein people on Medicaid, who are physically able to do so, must find a job, enroll in school or volunteer several hours a week.

LePage said that, as the oldest state in the country by age of resident, Maine needs to have a responsible medical framework for the many people who need it.

"Everybody who is able to contribute has to contribute so the safety net is available to the most vulnerable," he said.

"If you don't [comply], you don't qualify [for Medicaid] and you're ineligible to get on the entitlement."

Neil Cavuto asked whether LePage is ignoring the wishes of his critics and opponents in the swing state, noting that many Maine legislators want an expansion of Medicaid.

LePage said he isn't ignoring them, but that he needs funds if he is supposed to listen to their demands.

Cavuto, citing LePage's contact with the president, said the program shows signs of being a future "incubator" for a nationwide Medicaid-to-work policy.

"People are dropping out of the system and revenues are up...," LePage said.

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