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The mother of an 18-year-old boy brutally murdered by an illegal immigrant DREAMer spoke out Saturday against Democratic plans for a pathway to citizenship for illegals.

On "Fox & Friends," Laura Wilkerson said she was "not excited" by the most likely iterations of immigration reform compromises.

"We were promised no-DACA and [that we would] build the wall," she said.

Her son Josh Wilkerson was beaten with a rod, fatally strangled and set on fire by a 19-year-old illegal immigrant.

"[The compromise] sets a huge precedent when you are allowing parents in the name of their children to break a federal law and then rewarding the child by giving them citizenship and the right to vote," Wilkerson said.

"We don't have to give an inch," she said, objecting to recent protests by illegal immigrants demanding suffrage and citizenship and criticizing the president.

"They have no right to vote, ever," she said. "That's what [President Donald Trump] promised."

Wilkerson added that she recently communicated with Hermilo Moralez, the illegal immigrant from Belize convicted of killing Josh in 2010, saying that the man now takes the "Kate Steinle defense" that he didn't intend to kill her son.

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