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Social media stars Diamond and Silk loved what they heard from President Donald Trump at the World Economic Forum, where he touted strong economic growth in the United States in his first year.

Speaking in Davos, Switzerland, Trump emphasized his "America First" stance, declaring "America is open for business."

"As President of the United States, I will always protect the interests of our country, our companies, and our workers," he said.

Reacting on "Fox & Friends," Diamond said the speech was a far cry from the message to the world during the presidency of Barack Obama, especially on trade agreements.

"Obama went around apologizing and selling the American people down the drain by signing these trade deals. We want fair. We want to make sure we have economic opportunity for Americans. We have to live too!" she said.

They agreed that the president's stance on immigration makes sense and that they trust Trump to "compromise" and make a good deal, even if it means DACA recipients remain in the country. 

"If this is what it's gonna take for people not to pour into our borders, not to overstay visas, then we have to do what we have to do. You are dealing with an experienced negotiator. ... Our president got this," said Diamond.

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