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Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich dismissed the importance of a new New York Times report that President Trump ordered the firing of Special Counsel Robert Mueller. 

The report states the order was not carried out last June and that White House counsel Don McGahn threatened to resign if the order was given. 

Fox News' John Roberts, however, reported Friday that Trump - who called the report "fake news" - discussed the possibility of firing Mueller, but did not order it and that McGahn did not threaten to resign. 

Gingrich said the left is becoming "desperate" with their argument that this is new evidence of obstruction of justice by Trump. 

"You have a non-story about a non-event," said Gingrich, pointing out that the media refuses to focus on the FBI "covering up for Hillary Clinton in ways that are astonishing."

"They wanted some sort of collusion with the Russians, they can't get that. The original intent of appointing him has disappeared and nobody seriously believes it," said Gingrich.

He said a group of "high-priced Democratic lawyers" working with Mueller now "have to find something" and may indict someone simply to prove their work was a success.

Gingrich pointed out that in a text message, then-FBI official Peter Strzok expressed that "there’s no big there there" in regard to the Russia investigation.

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