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On "Your World" on Friday, pollster Frank Luntz said Americans are far more concerned about the economy and jobs than they are about the Russia investigations.

"In fact, you have very few Americans who are following the Russian story and a whole lot of Americans that are following what's happening to their pocketbook," Luntz said.

He said the problem for President Donald Trump, however, is that he's not getting credit for the booming economy or the positive effects of the Republican tax overhaul.

"That's because he has to deal with this whole Russian scandal," Luntz said. "So make no mistake, it is having an impact on his popularity, but the public, frankly, doesn't care."

He added that Trump's sometimes-harsh rhetoric and tone could also be having a negative impact on his approval numbers.

He said the White House and congressional Republicans need to change their messaging or they won't get credit for the positive economic news.

"We have never seen in at least 50 years a bigger disconnect between expectations about the economy and job approval ratings for both Congress and the White House," Luntz said. "That is a wake-up call that good things are happening in the country but they're not happening politically."

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