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President Donald Trump spoke in Davos, Switzerland on Friday at the World Economic Forum, touting strong economic growth in the United States in his first year. 

Trump emphasized his "America First" stance in an address to the forum before taking a few questions, declaring "America is open for business." 

"As President of the United States, I will always protect the interests of our country, our companies, and our workers," he said.

He went on to tout new investment in the United States, including a five-year, $350 billion commitment from Apple.

Trump recalled telling Apple CEO Tim Cook he would not consider the economic boom "complete" until the tech giant started building plants in the U.S.

"This has moved up very substantially. ... There's nothing like what's happening," he said, pointing out record lows in unemployment among African-Americans, Hispanics and women.

"I think you have a brand-new United States. You have a United States where people from all over the world are looking to come in and invest," he told the audience.

Trump said he sees a "tremendous spirit" in the United States right now that he has "never witnessed before."

He expressed his love for the United States, calling himself a "cheerleader" for the country. 

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On "The Ingraham Angle" Thursday, Laura discussed President Trump taking on the "global elites."

"The president crashed their swanky globalist party" with a message of populism and fair trade, which is usually rejected at the global gathering, she explained.

Watch the commentary below.