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On "Hannity" Thursday night, Sebastian Gorka reacted to newly recovered text messages between FBI officials Peter Strzok and Lisa Page.

In the new texts, Strzok and Page express concern about being too tough on Hillary Clinton during the bureau’s investigation into her email practices because she might hold it against them as president.

"One of the most senior agents at the FBI, responsible for the Hillary 'Servergate' investigation, decided and put it in a text message to his lover, 'I'm going to give Hillary special treatment because, hey, she might be the next president,'" Gorka said. "That is the definition of the perversion of justice, that is the definition of corruption."

He said there is no doubt that Clinton committed multiple felonies related to her private server and handling of classified information, but now it's being revealed that she was "aided and abetted" by high-ranking FBI officials.

He said Republican lawmakers must push to release all the Strzok-Page texts, along with a memo that purportedly reveals government FISA surveillance abuses, or they risk losing the "communications war."

"And the conspiracy will continue, because these people, they're still at the FBI, they're still at the DOJ. They should have been stripped of their badge, stripped of their gun and perp walked out of the Hoover Building months ago."

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