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On "The Daily Briefing" on Thursday, Mary Anne Marsh said President Donald Trump is going to have to speak to Special Counsel Robert Mueller one way or another, and he'd better tell the truth.

Trump has repeatedly expressed willingness to testify under oath as part of Mueller’s investigation into Russia's meddling in the U.S. election and has continuously denied any “collusion” with Russians.

Marsh, however, isn't so sure that Trump will voluntarily speak to Mueller.

"He may try to kick the can down the road, and it would go to the courts, but ultimately Donald Trump is going to have to speak to Robert Mueller," she said. "Mueller has methodically marched his way to Donald Trump's doorstep, and that has put him in a box."

Mueller's Russia Investigation: What to Know

She explained that Trump would create a "political crisis" if he tries to avoid an interview with Mueller or if he fires Mueller.

"And if Donald Trump does not answer truthfully and honestly ... that is an even bigger problem that would put him in more jeopardy than he's likely in now," Marsh said. "So while Donald Trump's always very confident about his ability to persuade anybody about anything, the truth and the facts are the thing that are going to determine Donald Trump's fate with Robert Mueller."

Fox News contributor Guy Benson said Mueller's desire to speak to Trump could be a signal that the investigation is winding down, because Mueller likely knows that he won't have multiple opportunities to speak to the president.

He added that Trump is so willing to testify under oath because he is confident that he and the top people in his campaign did not collude with the Russian government to tip the election.

"He knows that it's not true -- this is my interpretation -- so he's willing to talk and say that to anyone who'll listen," Benson said.

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