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The University of Connecticut restricted public access to a speech by conservative Ben Shapiro and offered counseling to students who might have been offended by his appearance on campus. 

Shapiro discussed the experience on "Ingraham Angle" and on Thursday we heard from UConn students, who spoke to Fox News' Todd Piro.

Piro talked to students who attended the Wednesday event, one of whom was eager to debate Shapiro on his "ignorance," and dropped in on the counter-event where he asked about why the university felt the need to offer counseling over the planned address.

In an email to students, the university stated:

We understand that even the thought of an individual coming to campus with the views that Mr. Shapiro expresses can be concerning and even hurtful and that’s why we wanted to make you aware as soon as we were informed.

In the meantime, please utilize the many campus resources available to you should you want to talk through your feelings about this issue, including my office, the Cultural Centers, the Dean of Students Office, and CMHS, if necessary.

Shapiro told students "something needs to be done" about a system where "a few crazed leftists" overreact to an event and therefore local residents - whose taxes fund the university - cannot even attend. 

He told Piro he would not second guess the university's security assessment but would "second guess their assessment that they need to close it off to the general public."

The speech, which was capped at 500 attendees, came after a raucous 2017 event featuring Gateway Pundit writer Lucian Wintrich.

"Free speech is more important than people's feelings," one student told Piro. 

Watch the full segment above and his speech below. 

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