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West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin III (D) said he's willing to work with President Trump "any way I can," even though he voted against the GOP's tax reform law.

"I'm hoping I'm wrong," he said about his vote.

Manchin said that he liked the idea of President Ronald Reagan's tax cuts because they had the goal of being revenue neutral.

However, he said that by the time 1991 rolled around, "Read-my-lips President George H. [W.] Bush needed to fall on the sword because the economy started changing."

Neil Cavuto pointed out that even some staunch Hillary Clinton supporters like billionaire Goldman Sachs Chairman & CEO Lloyd Blankfein have credited Trump with "driving the economy."

"I'm a Democrat willing to work any way I can," Manchin said. "If it pans out for ten years, thank God. If not, thank our children and grandchildren because they will be paying for them."

Regarding border security, Manchin said he is onboard with President Trump's plan to "build a wall" in certain areas on the southern border.

Manchin added that Trump should help implement an increase in border officers, technology and postal service security measures.

"We are going to protect the border," he said, adding that he tries always to vote independently, chiefly considering what is best for the Mountaineer State.

Manchin added that he thinks his caucus' leader, Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.), will eventually make a deal with Republicans to fund the wall, despite the minority leader's recent reversal on the proposal.

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