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Martha MacCallum debated the mayor of New Mexico's capital city after he boycotted a meeting with President Trump and pledged to defy the federal government.

Santa Fe Mayor Javier Gonzales said President Trump's invitation to the nation's mayors to meet at the White House was "disingenuous" because the federal government simultaneously notified about two dozen jurisdictions of possible violations of federal immigration law.

"Of course I didn't want to participate in the meeting. Nor do I think we should [meet] before the administration is honest [about working] with local governments," Gonzales, a Democrat, said.

Gonzales said the feds are "threatening" his city by listing it along with several other jurisdictions the Department of Justice believes is not complying with federal immigration law.

"You're calling it a threat, and they're calling it federal law," MacCallum said. "[They say] you're putting the needs and wants of illegal immigrants ahead of American citizens."

Gonzales disagreed and said that if Trump offers meaningful immigration reforms that "protect DREAMers" he may reconsider his boycott.

He added that he does not want a wall on his state's border with Chihuahua, Mexico.

"Building a wall is going to do nothing to help secure our country," he said.

MacCallum asked what he is instructing his city law enforcement to do if they encounter someone suspected of being in the nation illegally.

Gonzales said he asks them to target people committing violent crimes.

"I asked you a question," MacCallum said. "What do they tell the police officers in Santa Fe in terms of whether or not they need to turn in people who have been requested to be turned over [to] ICE?"

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