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On "Fox & Friends" Wednesday morning, Tomi Lahren said the mainstream media obsessively covers the Trump-Russia collusion narrative, but they ignore the "real collusion story."

She pointed to new revelations about text messages exchanged by two romantically involved FBI officials during the 2016 election, including the mention of an insurance policy against a Trump presidency, a "secret society" and ways to "fix" damage done by the FBI's investigation into Hillary Clinton's email server.

She added that the FBI revealed it “failed to preserve” five crucial months of texts between the FBI officials.

"Isn't it funny how certain sides of political aisle, they usually have things that go missing to their benefit: the IRS scandal, Hillary's emails, now these text messages?" Lahren said. "I'm sorry, something stinks here."

She said most of the media will ignore these bombshell revelations, because it makes them look bad for focusing on the Trump-Russia collusion allegations.

"If they had to actually tell the truth, it would implicate President Obama, Hillary Clinton and President Obama's FBI," Lahren said. "And they do not want to do that. It would invalidate everything they've done for the past year, and they do not want to look silly, so they won't talk about it."

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