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The leader of a veterans organization whose patriotic Super Bowl ad was rejected by the NFL spoke out Wednesday on "Fox & Friends First."

American Veterans, the nation's largest veterans service organization, submitted a print ad to be placed in the Super Bowl LII program.

The words" #PleaseStand" appeared above U.S. service members holding the American flag. In light of the controversy over players kneeling for the national anthem over the last two seasons, the NFL declined to accept the ad. 

Marion Polk, the national commander of American Veterans, said the league wanted the phrase changed to, "we stand for veterans." 

"Under the First Amendment, they cannot dictate to us what our ad reads. We were actually paying for the ad," he said. 

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said recently he wishes all players would stand for the anthem, but he understands their position. 

Polk said he doesn't see how "disrespecting" the flag and the anthem has anything to do with what the players are protesting and that there many other ways to protest. 

"It's the players' right to kneel but I'm not sure how that's going to solve the problems we have in the United States with the violence," he said. 

Jillian Mele asked if Polk had a final message to communicate to the league. 

"Please stand," he responded.

Watch the interview above.

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Later on "Fox & Friends," Tomi Lahren blasted the NFL for making it clear that "they do not stand for patriotic Americans."