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Tucker Carlson ripped two California Democrats for claiming that, in so many words, wanting to read the government memo that reportedly details abuses by Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act courts under the Obama administration makes the petitioner akin to a Russian ally.

"Is the memo that damning?" Carlson asked, presenting that many Democrats do not want it released or read publicly by Congress.

Carlson warned that one of the worst things a government can do is to use law enforcement as a political weapon, saying that America's founding fathers worried about that exact situation.

"The public deserves to know," he said, criticizing California Democrats Rep. Adam Schiff and Sen. Dianne Feinstein for a statement they released.

Carlson said the statement criticizes those who want the memo publicized, characterizing such a call as a complicit act with an "ongoing attack from the Russian government... to influence our Democratic process."

Carlson clarified, saying Feinstein and Schiff are effectively accusing those Americans of being "traitors."

He said several news anchors' reaction to the memo's existence are similarly critical of the public.

"They want you to shut the hell up," Carlson said.

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