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Radio host Larry Elder said Democrats do not want border security because they know they need a maneuver mastered by Obi-Wan Kenobi to convince white Americans to vote for them.

"The Democrats have lost the white vote since 1964," Elder said. "Unless they use some Jedi mind trick to convince white people to agree to have their taxes raised and have government expanded, they need to bring in voters who share their philosophies."

Elder said that if illegal immigrants were naturalized, they would overwhelmingly vote for Democrats.

When Geraldo Rivera objected to Elder's use of racial terms, Elder responded that the issue is about "votes" and not race.

Rivera called the DACA fix a "wonderful opportunity" for President Trump.

Elder countered, saying that if illegal immigrants were projected to vote overwhelmingly for Republicans, former Democrat Senate leader Harry Reid of Nevada would have secured the border before he retired.

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