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After a raucous 2017 event featuring Gateway Pundit writer Lucian Wintrich, conservative author Ben Shapiro was allowed to speak at the University of Connecticut on Wednesday.

Shapiro said that campus security and law enforcement did their job and that he did not have a lot of disruption during his speech.

However, Shapiro told Laura Ingraham that the college restricted access to his speech and decided to offer formal counseling to those hurt by the fact he was visiting the Storrs, Conn. campus.

"Something has to be done about a system where a few crazed leftists don't want me to speak," he said.

"I ripped at least one guy's throat out," he joked about ideological opponents fears of the mild-mannered editor.

Shapiro said the university limited attendance to those wearing a special wristband and a college identification card. He said there were another 600-700 members of the public who wanted to attend, but were turned away. 

"They could have given us a bigger space," he said after the event's attendance was capped at 500. 

Ingraham said that UCONN's chief diversity officer, Joelle Murchison, said Shapiro's event could be "hurtful" to some students and offered counseling to those who were interested.

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