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Former Mexican President Vicente Fox said President Trump is going about negotiating border security with his country the wrong way.

Sean Hannity challenged Fox on his previous obscenity-laced rants against Trump.

"When you were president [of Mexico] in 2002, you deported... 140,000 people that entered illegally. And, you say if we do that we're racist and unfair."

Fox said that, to the contrary, he agrees with having a strong border but finds building a wall pointless.

He said that he worked will with American leaders during his presidency, including President George W. Bush, and Sens. John McCain (R-Ariz.) and Edward Kennedy (D-Mass.).

Hannity asked why, citing that, Fox reportedly told Trump to "go to hell."

Fox said Trump has approached border security in an "offending" way, "calling Mexicans criminals... [saying] Mexico is sending their worst."

"I worked six years with President Bush," he said.

Fox reiterated his opposition to the wall and said America and Mexico should work together, which cannot happen if the American president tries to get his country to pay for the border structure.

"I know better ways of negotiations," Fox said. "We don't need walls, we need borders."

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