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Tucker Carlson fired back at MSNBC's Joy Reid for claiming he is a "white nationalist" for his stance on the nation's immigration policies. 

On her show this weekend, Reid interviewed a genealogist who performed historical research on Carlson's family, tracing his ancestral roots back to Switzerland. The guest claimed "those in genealogical glass houses should not throw stones."

"A single 19th century Swiss relative means you are now required to support green cards for everyone who jumps the border or overstays a visa in 2018. Boom! Case closed," Carlson quipped.

Carlson called out the "irony" of Reid accusing him of racism, highlighting some of her rhetoric about White House Chief of Staff John Kelly, Rep. Steve Scalise (R-La.) and white Trump supporters.

"Reid's entire public career has been built on race-baiting. ... When Joy Reid accuses you of harboring racist thoughts, trust me, it's projection," said Carlson in his opening monologue.

He said Reid is using a "political tactic" because she and many on the left cannot explain their views on immigration, particularly why the U.S. needs to "import millions of additional poor people."

"Nobody on the left can explain that because there’s no real answer, so they attempt to short-circuit the conversation with slurs," he said, adding his own views are not extreme and a huge portion of Americans agree. 

Carlson said anyone who disagrees with his stance on immigration is welcome on the show to debate. 

Watch the monologue above.

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