'We Won't Let Him Sleep': DACA Supporters Protest Outside Schumer's Brooklyn Home

Dem Senator: A Wall Has Limited Value in Keeping Our Border Safe

Tucker Carlson debated the Democratic mayor of Albany, New York - a sanctuary city - on the validity of "importing" DACA recipients there.

"What country would put up with that?" Carlson said of the DACA recipients blocking the entrance to Disneyland in California in the middle of the day.

Mayor Kathy Sheehan said the protest was valid because America values free speech and the right to assemble.

Carlson doubled down on the point, noting that if the illegal immigrants at Disneyland were trying to work and make America better, they would not be acting "ungrateful" and demanding benefits in the middle of a workday.

"They're not Americans," he said when the New York state capital's mayor responded that the protesters had certain rights.

Carlson said that because the illegal immigrants broke the law to get to the U.S., they won't receive the same rights citizens do.

He asked how Sheehan's policy of allowing illegal immigrants to make their home in Albany would make the city better, when it is already struggling with extremely low math proficiency scores in its schools.

Sheehan said Albany, often seen as an industrial hub, has an "aging population" that would benefit from new transplanted workers to businesses in the city - halfway between New York City and the Canadian border.

She said Albany businesses often "can't find people to work" in the jobs the city has these days.

Carlson asked that, if Sheehan wants such people to come to her city, how many illegal immigrants should be allowed to migrate there before she calls a lid on the quota.

Sheehan did not directly address the number, saying it is up to the federal government to enact long-term immigration reform policy.

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