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Greg Gutfeld criticized Hawaii's governor for an apparent lapse in memory in the midst of the missile attack warning that turned out to be a false alarm earlier this month.

As Fox News reported, for nearly 20 minutes, Gov. David Ige (D) failed to notify the public that the errant public warning was a misfire because he forgot his Twitter password.

Ige reportedly knew the warning was an accidental false alarm within two minutes of it being sent.

"Here's a state governor who thinks he can only communicate by Twitter," Gutfeld said. "Is this state run by teenagers?"

"No," he added. "It's run by Democrats, who are basically teenagers with power."

Gutfeld said Ige didn't need a Twitter password to call a press conference or notify the public by other means.

He called the overwhelmingly Democratic Hawaiian government "amateur hour," saying they have a hard time "logging onto Twitter - and reality."

Gutfeld said Ige and other Democrats should think twice before criticizing President Donald Trump's Twitter usage because "at least he knows how [to tweet]."

Hawaiian state elections will be held this November, with Ige facing U.S. Rep. Colleen Hanabusa of Honolulu in the Democratic primary, while State Rep. Andria Tupola of Leeward Oahu has indicated she will seek a Republican bid.

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