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Tucker Carlson engaged in a heated debate with Univision anchor Jorge Ramos Friday over President Trump's planned border wall.

Ramos claimed that building a wall would be "completely useless" and criticized Carlson for calling illegal immigrants "illegal."

"No human being is illegal," he said.

"Except the ones that are here illegally," Carlson remarked.

Carlson said that, instead of Ramos' view that American employers' "demand" for cheap labor, Americans should be blaming the Mexican government for much of the problems some illegals bring to the States.

He said remittances paid to Mexican citizens by Mexican nationals in the United States is the largest revenue source for our southern neighbor.

Carlson said the "moral failings" of the Mexican government are at fault for standing by while their citizens remit funds back home at a rate the host said was larger than Mexico's oil revenue.

"Why blame the victim here?" he asked. "I know you're big on lecturing Americans on moral failings."

Ramos maintained that illegal immigrants are crucial to the service and agriculture industries, and said on the drug-smuggling front that if millions of Americans weren't in the market for heroin, there would be less of a problem.

"The wall would be completely useless," he added, claiming that 45 percent of those in the United States illegally do not come across the southern border itself.

Carlson then challenged Ramos to name a country where a wall was built that did not work as intended.

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