'What a Loathsome Little Demagogue You Are': Tucker Takes on Chicago Dem on Illegal Immigration

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Acting ICE Director Tom Homan hit back Thursday at California's Democratic senators, who criticized his agency over reports of planned immigration sweeps in the sanctuary state. 

Local law enforcement officials have reportedly stated they will not assist ICE in raids aimed at apprehending 1,500 illegal immigrants in northern California. 

California Sens. Dianne Feinstein and Kamala Harris wrote a letter to the agency, asking for a briefing on the raids. 

They argued the action would be "an abhorrent abuse of power" and a diversion of resources to "score political points" and "punish" the state for its policies toward illegal immigrants. 

Homan forcefully denied the accusation on "The Ingraham Angle," questioning why Congress would want any federal agency not to enforce the laws. 

"I didn't think Congress was in the business of enacting laws they didn't want law enforcement to enforce. ... We enforce the laws that Congress enacted," he said, adding that the state's sanctuary law is "forcing" him to devote more enforcement resources to California. 

"No one asks the FBI or DEA or ATF or local police departments not to enforce the law."

Homan said the agency is going after illegal aliens who have been arrested previously, not "choir boys."

Watch the full interview above.


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