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Donald Trump Jr. joined Tucker Carlson on Friday to react to a "troubling" memo circulating in Congress that allegedly reveals FISA surveillance abuses within the Department of Justice and FBI.

Several GOP lawmakers have said they could not yet discuss the contents of the memo after it was released to members by the House Intelligence Committee, but they described it as “shocking,” “troubling” and “alarming” and called for its public release.

"I don't know what's in it, but if all of these guys are saying people's heads are going to roll, people may get fired and people may actually go to jail, I think the American people deserve to know," Trump Jr. said.

He noted that some have speculated the memo reveals that the FISA surveillance program to was abused by the Obama administration to spy on the Trump campaign and transition, which Trump Jr. said would be more evidence that the investigations into alleged collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia amount to a "witch hunt."

"The only collusion, the only shadiness, the only thing that's been discovered is what the prior administration, the DNC and all of them have done," Trump Jr. said.

He said that Democrats and the mainstream media are largely ignoring the bombshell memo because "they have no actual interest in the truth."

"They both went so all-in with this contrived Russia thing ... that they needed it to be true," Trump Jr. said. "Now it turns out to all be nonsense, and it turns out it was [the DNC] and the prior administration doing some pretty shady stuff, I mean, that is earth-shattering, that is disgusting, and the American people should be really upset about it."

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