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Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) joined Neil Cavuto on "Your World" on Thursday to explain why he's a "no" vote on a short-term spending bill.

Lawmakers are trying to come to an agreement on a spending bill before the Friday night deadline to avoid a government shutdown.

The House is expected to vote on a stopgap measure to extend government funding until February 16. It is unclear if the proposal has enough support in the Senate.

"I think government spends too much money," Paul said. "For decades now, you've heard of Congress putting spending caps in place, self-imposed rules to try to get spending under control. Well, this spending bill will exceed those caps."

He said if Republicans claim to be fiscally conservative, then they should follow through.

"I'm just not voting to exceed the spending caps, and I'm not voting for $700 billion deficits annually," Paul said.

He explained that passing another continuing resolution is just a temporary fix and it allows for more wasteful government spending.

"No one takes the time to specifically look at the money spent. It's glommed together in trillion-dollar bills. And frankly, I've had enough of it. And I think the American people have had enough with it," Paul said. "And if that means we've got to close the place down and restart it under better management, I'm all for that."

He added that it's not a partisan issue, and he's not troubled by joining his Democratic colleagues in voting against the spending bill.

"I'm not for debt, I'm not for higher taxes, I'm for smaller government, and I'm for more American privacy. And I'm just going to vote whichever way that falls."

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