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President Donald Trump's attorney Ty Cobb said in an interview this week that Trump is "very eager" to speak to Special Counsel Robert Mueller as part of Mueller's investigation into Russia’s attempted meddling in the 2016 election.

“I would hope that a fair-minded office of the special counsel would approach it in a dutiful way consistent with precedent, and it wouldn’t be a mere perjury trap," Cobb told CBS White House correspondent Major Garrett on The Takeout podcast.

On "Special Report," Fox News senior judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano doubled down on his advice that any meeting with Mueller and his team would be a dangerous move for Trump.

He said if he were Trump's lawyer, he would do everything he could to "temper his eagerness" for an interview with Mueller.

"There's an old one-liner with which Ty Cobb is familiar: Don't talk to a guy that owns a grand jury," Napolitano said.

He explained that Mueller would present Trump's interview to the grand jury and have them compare it with other evidence that has already been uncovered in the probe.

"Never, never, never -- I can't say never enough -- let your client sit down with the prosecutors who are trying to develop a case against him," Napolitano said. "Never expect them to be fair, never expect them to tell everything that they know. You will never know, and your client -- the president -- will never know everything that they know about him. It's a recipe for disaster."

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