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Tucker Carlson held a fierce debate with a Democratic Chicago alderman over the illegal immigration debate and the widely-reported problems in the Windy City.

Carlson said the Department of Justice is looking into the possibility of bringing charges against sanctuary city officials for ignoring federal law.

He told Alderman George Cardenas that Chicago has a violence problem and is on the "edge of insolvency."

"How will protecting the... so-called rights of illegal immigrants help the citizens of Chicago?" he asked.

Cardenas said he doesn't check immigration status when a constituent or neighbor asks him for help.

"It's un-American," Cardenas said.

Carlson then asked if Cardenas then effectively took responsibility for "any citizen of the world" who asks for help.

Carlson said he had a final question for Cardenas that required a straight answer.

He asked whether he has an official obligation to represent American citizens over those residing here illegally.

"You want me to just guess [who they are] because they happen to be blue-eyed and blond?" Cardenas said.

"You know what," Carlson responded. "What a loathsome little demagogue you are to say something like that."

Carlson continued to press Cardenas for a simple answer, admonishing him for bringing race into the discussion.

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