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Neil Cavuto is going LIVE for two hours each Saturday morning on Fox News Channel, beginning this weekend!

"Cavuto Live" launches on Saturday, January 20, airing from 10am to noon ET.

Longtime fans of the two-hour "Biz Block" - which comprised four separate shows - will love the new format, featuring a breakdown of the major headlines impacting business and politics, along with a rotating panel of industry experts each week.

“Our Saturday business block has always outperformed in the ratings because we bring the best of both Fox News and Fox Business to this critical daypart," Cavuto said, adding that viewers are owed "real-time reaction" as the news continue to break all weekend long.

"As I have always said, it’s not about the red or the blue, it’s about the green."

Don't miss the debut of "Cavuto Live," this Saturday, January 20, at 10am ET!

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