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A publicly-funded university on Maryland's eastern shore now has a required class for elementary education majors called "Diversity and the Self," which employs a "Pyramid of White Supremacy."

As Campus Reform initially reported, Professor Erin Stutelberg, who teaches at Salisbury University in Salisbury, Md., uses a pyramid replete with phrases and characteristics that are ranked on levels of severity.

At the top of the pyramid is "genocide."

Salisbury University student Shekinah Hollingsworth told Martha MacCallum the existence of the class is "very disappointing."

"I don't see things as a person of color," she said. "It's funny they call this a diversity course when they focus on arbitrary things like race."

In a statement to "The Story," the university said that "white supremacy is just one of the tools Dr. Stutelberg said she used to teach her students to think critically about race, class and gender. Per university academic freedom policies, faculty is free to disseminate to their students information that is controversial as long as it is relevant."

A caption to the pyramid reads that every "brick" depends on the one below it. 

Entries in the bricks include mass murder, police brutality, avoiding confrontation with racist family members, cultural appropriation, 'but my black friend said...', and paternalism.

Watch more above, and read more at Campus Reform.

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