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Judge Andrew Napolitano said Steve Bannon will be entering a "very dangerous environment" when he interviews with Special Counsel Robert Mueller's team.

Bannon, the former White House chief strategist for President Donald Trump, struck a deal with Mueller and will be interviewed by prosecutors instead of testifying before a grand jury.

On "Happening Now," Napolitano explained that this is not formal testimony and Bannon will not be under oath, but the penalty for lying to FBI agents and federal prosecutors is the same as perjury.

"This is a very dangerous environment for Steve Bannon," Napolitano said, explaining that George Papadopoulos and Michael Flynn also interviewed with Mueller's team and each ended up walking into a "perjury trap."

He explained that investigators know much more about the case than any interview subject knows, and they ask questions aimed at catching people in lies.

"Bob Mueller is running the show," Napolitano said. "And for some reason, Steve Bannon's lawyers are negotiating with Bob Mueller and have agreed to produce him against the learned advice of: Never talk to a guy that owns a grand jury. He'll trap you."

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