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Ahead of President Donald Trump's planned "Fake News Awards" for members of the press, Juan Williams said the president himself should receive a "lifetime achievement award" for "fake news."

"This guy makes up more stuff, and he should be crowned the fountainhead of fake news," Williams said Wednesday on "The Five."

Williams listed several statements by Trump that have either been debunked or critically questioned.

"ObamaCare is dead," Williams recounted Trump announcing.

"President Obama is wiretapping Trump Tower -- the biggest inaugural crowd ever," he continued, noting Trump's claims that ran counter to press reports about his inauguration.

Williams said Trump was one of the chief leaders of the "birther movement," which claimed Obama was born in Kenya, where his father, Barack Obama Sr., was born.

He added that Trump lied about saying an obscene term during a White House meeting regarding immigration.

Williams said members of the press, like the president's routine CNN foil, Jim Acosta, should indeed be an "adversarial force" against the office.

He said the Arizona senatorial delegation's criticisms of Trump should be heeded, noting that both Republicans John McCain and Jeff Flake have criticized Trump for his critique of the press.

Williams said he agreed with McCain's reported assertion that Trump's rhetoric against the press presents a "bad example around the world."

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