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Attorney General Jeff Sessions joined Tucker Carlson Tuesday night to discuss immigration and border enforcement, accusing Democrats of still favoring pro-amnesty policies despite Americans making their voices hear on the issue by electing Donald Trump. 

Sessions said President Trump is not anti-immigrant, but he does believe in a lawful immigration system, including strongly vetting people who come to the U.S.

“We want to know who they are and make sure they’re going to be productive people, people who will flourish in America, who are going to not be terrorists, not be criminals, and that’s exactly correct for America," Sessions said. "It’s just unbelievable to me that we have the resistance we are having today.”

He said the American people are sick of immigration policies that favor illegality over legality and foreign nationals over U.S. citizens, and that's one of the major reasons they elected Trump to the White House.

"Yet the same crowd that fought for amnesty before is still trying to scuttle good reforms today," Sessions said.

He said any proposal on immigration reform must address chain migration, the diversity visa lottery system, border security and a host of other critical issues.

"When we admit people to our country, we should be like Canada," Sessions said. "We should evaluate them and make sure they are going to be lawful, they are not threats to us, they have the education and skills level to prosper in America. That's good for them and good for America."

"What good does it do to bring in somebody who's illiterate in their own country, has no skills and is going to struggle in our country and not be successful?" he continued. "That is not what a good nation should do, and we need to get away from it."

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