Incoming NJ Gov Plans to Establish Agency for 'Defensive Protection' of Illegal Immigrants

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Tucker Carlson debated a New Jersey state assemblyman who supports new Gov. Phil Murphy's (D-N.J.) plan to set up an agency to provide legal aid to illegal immigrants.

Carlson said New Jersey is full of underprivileged areas, calling Camden - across from Philadelphia - largely unsafe, and Newark - the state's largest city - home to high schools with a low percent math proficiency.

He said Murphy's top priority is not New Jersey citizens, but instead "people who shouldn't be there." "It's a tragedy in slow motion and everybody knows it."

State Assemblyman John McKeon (D), who represents Whippany and South Orange, said Carlson was mischaracterizing the illegal immigrant population in the state.

McKeon said the 500,000 undocumented residents account for six percent of the state's population and are "not criminals."

"What I'm calling them is not-Americans," Carlson said, reiterating that McKeon and Murphy should concentrate on legal residents: "New Jersey has cities that are crumbling, pathetic and dangerous."

He said Murphy and McKeon should focus instead on areas of Paterson, Newark and Jersey City that have been blighted for some time.

He asked how giving legal and tuition assistance to illegal immigrants helps the law-abiding citizens of New Jersey.

"Why not help your own people first?" he asked. "Why should a New Jersey resident who is an American citizen think this helps them?"

McKeon said Carlson was unrealistically suggesting that all half-million of the undocumented population be deported.

"You don't have an answer," Carlson replied.

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