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White House physician Rear Adm. Ronny Jackson said President Donald Trump is "very healthy," but added that he and the president conferred about the New Yorker possibly losing some weight.

Fox News' John Roberts asked Jackson about Trump's health during a press conference Tuesday.

Jackson said he suggested to Trump that he start an exercise and diet regimen, adding that Trump was "not exactly enthusiastic about exercising."

"I think the president, [what] he would like to lose [as a] reasonable goal over the next year is ten to 15 pounds," Jackson said.

NBC's Hallie Jackson then asked Rear Adm. Jackson about Trump's cognitive abilities.

The admiral said that under his health circumstances, Trump would not have been screened for cognitive abilities, but that the president insisted on it.

Admiral Jackson told the reporter he has "absolutely no concerns about his cognitive ability" and only tested Trump because he asked for it.

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