Incoming NJ Gov Plans to Establish Agency for 'Defensive Protection' of Illegal Immigrants

'Put Your Own People First': Tucker Battles NJ Dem Over New Gov's Controversial Plan to Aid Illegals

"The Blaze" host Lawrence Jones ripped Gov. Phil Murphy (D-N.J.) over his plan to set up an agency to provide aid for illegal immigrants.

"I sat through eight years of the Obama administration, [which] put other countries' citizens before its own," Jones said.

He said Murphy is just another Democrat who says to American citizens: "you don't matter."

Jones said that in the 18th and 19th centuries, slaves were brought over to America on ships and sold into labor, yet still needed a Constitutional amendment to earn citizenship.

He said that, through Democratic policies, illegal immigrants are getting an accelerated path to having the same rights as citizens as those who were mistreated and indentured for decades.

Jones said Trenton is "failing" New Jerseyans and that a plurality of African-Americans support Democrats in exchange for only "lip service."

"You have seen the benefits of the Trump administration," he said, noting the record-low black unemployment rate.

Jones said that Democrats often earn support through "emotional arguments," adding that he had one of his own to oppose what Murphy plans to do.

"[Freed slaves] still needed a constitutional amendment to get citizenship," Jones said. "Why would we just allow people [to come] here, give them government funding... when we have people who came here unwillingly and they still had to go through a legal process."

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