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Eric Trump ripped the mainstream media for what he considered the ridiculous questioning of the White House physician regarding his father's health.

ABC's Jon Karl asked Rear Admiral Ronny Jackson how President Donald Trump could "eat McDonald's, and K.F.C. and all those Diet Cokes, and never exercise [and still be] in as good a shape as you say he's in."

"It's called genetics," Jackson replied.

Sean Hannity also played several other clips of the press corps' questions.

"This is actually insane. The admiral did an amazing job," Eric Trump said.

"Are you kidding me?" he said of the questions asked, adding that half of the journalists in the room were on the campaign trail with him.

Trump said those reporters were often sleep-deprived and "drinking cases of Red Bull because they couldn't keep up [with the then-candidate Trump].

He said his father has more energy than anyone he has met, calling the press' interrogation of Jackson "a charade."

"They don't like that they were wrong [about the election]," he said, adding that the president "quite frankly embarrassed them."

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