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The Dow Jones Industrial Average crossed the 26,000 point milestone at the opening bell on Tuesday.

The Dow made the latest 1,000 point milestone move in a record-setting seven sessions, breaking the previous record of moving 1,000 points in 23 sessions. That record was set when the Dow moved from 24,000 to 25,000.

"Investors smell profit, more and more from American corporations. And that's the bedrock for stock prices," Stuart Varney said on "Fox & Friends."

He said this is a historic milestone, but it's not getting much coverage from the mainstream media because they don't want to celebrate the "Trump rally."

"Anything positive for President Trump -- whether it's the economy or anything -- does not get coverage," Varney said. "It is inexplicable that I'm not see this on the front page of major newspapers or at the top of every newscast on media outlets. But we're not. They're ignoring it."

As for those who are concerned about a market correction, Varney had some advice. See his thoughts in the video above.

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