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On "Outnumbered Overtime" on Tuesday, Corey Lewandowski said Steve Bannon owes Donald Trump Jr. and Jared Kushner an apology for characterizing a meeting they attended with Russian officials as "treasonous."

In a new book, Bannon allegedly described the June 2016 meeting at Trump Tower -- which was attended by Trump Jr., Kushner and Paul Manafort -- as “treasonous,” “unpatriotic” and "bad s***."

Lewandowski, a former Trump campaign manager, said Trump Jr. and Kushner are "American patriots," and they are owed an apology by Bannon.

He pointed out that Bannon later clarified his remarks were aimed at Manafort, an experienced political operative who he said should have known better than to take the meeting.

"Steve was [with the campaign] for a short period of time. I was there almost two years, every day next to the candidate, next to President Trump," Lewandowski said. "Never, ever, ever did we coordinate or cooperate or collude with any Russians."

Bannon has been subpoenaed by Special Counsel Robert Mueller to appear before a grand jury investigating Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election.

Bannon is also scheduled to testify on Tuesday before the House Intelligence Committee, which is holding its own Russia investigation.

Lewandowski will testify before the same committee later this week, and he's looking forward to the opportunity.

"I'm going to answer every question truthfully, honestly to the best of my ability and the best of my recollection," Lewandowski said. "But because I have nothing to hide, I'm looking forward [to] this opportunity to help finally bring this to a close."

Lewandowski said he hopes Democrats finally come to a "realization" that there was no Trump-Russia collusion, adding the Clinton campaign was "a very different story."

"They want to keep this going to make it a political issue going into the midterm elections."

He said the Clinton campaign paid to create the "false" anti-Trump dossier and that should be the center of the investigation.

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