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Tucker Carlson said that in the wake of President Trump's alleged comments about underdeveloped countries, our nation's "elites" have "recoiled in rage."

"A new consensus has formed... so get a pen: Every other country is great, especially the poor and disorganized ones," Carlson said of the left-wing and media response to comments about Haiti and Africa.

Carlson said elites are instructing us to understand that immigrants from those nations are "uniformly more impressive than you are."

"They fight more wars, pay more taxes, they start more companies than your kids ever will, so shut up with your doubts," he said.

However, Carlson added that while the elites may tell us to believe the new approved consensus, they don't seem to be living by it themselves.

He said that Harvard University admits people based on merit, not by refusing to be selective.

"How many [elite universities] will admit poorly-educated Haitians who can't speak English?" he asked.

"If Harvard chooses students the way America chooses their immigrants, our elites wouldn't send their kids there," he said.

"Does Facebook hire via a diversity lottery?" he asked.

Carlson said the exercise proves that elites do not care about America, calling their views "sickening and hypocritical."

He said that he and his viewers must push the nation's leftists and elites to live by the standards they espouse.

"What our rulers need is a strong dose of reality," Carlson said, inviting viewers to submit ideas to him via Twitter @TuckerCarlson.

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