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Trish Regan said on "Outnumbered" that President Trump's critics are eager to portray him as a racist whenever they get the opportunity. 

Trump triggered a firestorm of criticism last week when he asked in a bipartisan immigration meeting why the U.S. is "having all these people from s***hole countries come here."

He then is said to have asked why the U.S. could not accept more immigrants from countries like Norway instead of from Haiti.

"I am not a racist. I am the least racist person you have ever interviewed," Trump said on Sunday after a reporter asked directly if he is a racist. 

Regan said the original vulgar comment from Trump was not meant for public consumption, but Democrats are "using everything they can to go after him."

She said the president could have been referring to the stark economic differences between Haiti and Norway.

"You're talking about two very different economies with two very different sets of opportunities for people. You're not talking about black or white. You're talking about socioeconomic issues. That's how I initially read it. I said 'here we go again' because everyone wants to paint him as a racist," said Regan.

Kennedy argued that Trump did not do a good job responding or clarifying his position and none of this is helping to fix the "broken immigration system."

"Democrats and Republicans both want cover so they don't have to do anything," she said.

Watch the discussion above. 

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