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John Lewis: If Martin Luther King Were Alive, Trump Would Not be President

A member of President Trump's 2020 advisory council who said his uncle and other family members marched beside future congressman John Lewis (D-Ga.) and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in support of civil rights said he is praying for unity.

Lewis, along with Reps. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.), Earl Blumenauer (D-Ore.) and Frederica Wilson (D-Fla.) announced they are boycotting Trump's state of the union address.

"In good conscience, I cannot and will not listen at him as he gives the state of the union address," Lewis previously said.

Waters said she will not go to the Capitol to "listen to a liar."

Bruce LeVell, who is also a business owner in Atlanta, said he was with King's niece, Alveda, and other civil rights leaders at the city's celebration of its iconic son.

LeVell said Trump recently rode in a car with Ms. King and him, adding he was heartened by the president's eagerness to ask probing questions and celebrate the new record-low black unemployment rate.

"We had a very awesome and productive conversation," LeVell said.

Elder members of LeVell's family marched together with Lewis and Dr. King in the 1960s in support of civil rights, he said.

AP Photo/Harry Harris

LeVell said he is praying for those Democrats boycotting the presidential address, adding that Lewis should "take care of [his] district."

"Don't throw hatred at the president. Come to the table and let's work together as Americans," he said.

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