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Laura Ingraham said in her "Ingraham Angle" monologue Friday night that when cornered, Democrats have a nasty, predictable habit of "racializing everything."

"They did it to Reagan, they did it to Bush, they even did it to McCain and, of course, they did it to Romney," Ingraham said. "And they've been doing it to Donald Trump since the day he announced his candidacy."

She said the accusations of racism against Trump have grown louder in recent days as the president works toward a deal on comprehensive immigration reform.

She acknowledged that Trump's controversial comment about the U.S. accepting immigrants from "s---hole countries" wasn't the best choice of words.

"I would not have called these countries what the president did, but they are rank with corruption, repression and ... they offer their citizens little hope of a better life. In other words, they're hellholes," Ingraham said.

The Democrats and their media allies, however, don't have time for facts when they're consumed by "race-baiting the president," she added.

Ingraham said this was more evidence that Democratic lawmakers were never serious about reaching a compromise on immigration reform with Republicans in the first place.

"They had zero intention of negotiating in good faith, because somehow they thought they could guilt the president into siding with them," Ingraham said. "They are out of ideas. And they have no solutions. The race card is the only one they have left to play."

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