Fox News Radio’s new Children of Song podcast explores what it must have been like to grow up surrounded by music – and now it’s skyrocketing up the Apple Podcast charts!

Just three-and-a-half months since its launch, "Children of Song" has leapt into the top 10 out of all music podcasts on iTunes.

The podcast features established artists and Broadway stars who grew up with famous parents or big-time musicians who mastered their craft at a very young age.

Aside from funny stories on the road, heartwarming family connections and even looks into the dark side of fame, the series sets itself apart from the rest through its live music. Each guest sings throughout the recording session, accenting their stories with snippets from their biggest hits.

Notable episodes include interviews with the sons and daughters of country music royalty, like Georgette Jones, John Carter Cash, and Holly Williams. The podcast also features interviews with parent-child duos: Vince and Jenny Gill, Marcus and Levi Hummon, John Michael and Walker Montgomery, Chita Rivera and daughter Lisa Mordente, and more!

In November, Children of Song released their interview with teen-idol David Cassidy on the day of his passing. It was one of the last interviews with Cassidy and focused on his rise through the music ranks, instead of drama that haunted his career.

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The latest release is a tear-jerking episode with country music artist Jimmy Wayne. After spending his childhood in and out of foster care and eventually on the streets, Wayne penned his frustrations and started turning them into country hits. Subscribe on iTunes to hear Jimmy’s soulful songs, and the story of when he walked from Nashville to Phoenix on behalf of homeless kids across America. Although Jimmy’s getting a taste of the spotlight now, he’ll never forget where he came from and neither will you after this emotional episode.

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