De Niro: Trump Is a 'Flat-Out, Blatant Racist' Who's Going to 'Sink Himself'

'He IS a Mutt': De Niro Says Trump 'Sullied and Debased the Presidency'

Iconic actor Robert De Niro ripped President Trump during a speech at the National Board of Review Awards.

De Niro was discussing the film "The Post" - about the Pentagon Papers published in the early 1970s - and heaping praise on actress Meryl Streep.

He said that at the time of Watergate, Trump was waived from military service due to "suffering from bone spurs."

"Now we're suffering from the real Donald Trump," he said. 

"It's the emperor's new clothes, the guy is a f*****g fool - come on!" the 74-year-old Manhattanite continued.

He later referred to Trump as the "J*****f-In-Chief" and appeared to compare him to the volleyball "Wilson" in the Tom Hanks film "Cast Away."

De Niro said the "The Post" portrayed President Richard Nixon as "bats*** [expletive] crazy" and called such a presidency the "good old days" with Trump now in the White House.

Jesse Watters criticized De Niro on "The Five," saying he was "speak[ing] like a 17-year-old" and ruining his reputation as a classic actor.

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