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Bret Baier asked a top Democrat about her opposition to the tax reform law, after a utility in her state announced the legislation moved them to cut rates to her constituents.

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) said the tax law gives "giant giveaways to big corporations that, right now, the Republicans plan for hard-working families to pay for."

Warren was a staunch opponent to the tax law, signed by President Trump around Christmas.

Baier told Warren that Eversource, a major utility company in the Bay State, announced it would lower the rates customers pay for electricity.

"Good for them, I'm delighted to hear that," Warren said.

She maintained, however, that the law still represents a major boon for big corporations and less relief for families.

Senator Mark Warner (D-Va.), standing beside Warren, claimed the law will add $2.2 trillion to the debt.

Warren also ripped the White House plan to end the DACA program, saying it will banish "800,000 young people who right now are contributing to America."

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