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Tucker Carlson talked to Buzzfeed editor-in-chief Ben Smith about whether the outlet's publication of the anti-Trump dossier was political in nature, and asked him to respond to a lawsuit filed by one of the president's attorneys.

Carlson said Wednesday marked one year to the day that Smith's news outlet published the contents of the Trump dossier that has been the subject of both criticism and investigation in the months since.

Michael Cohen, a chief personal lawyer for President Donald Trump, sued Buzzfeed, claiming that what they published defames the president by baselessly linking him to Russian conspiracy theories.

Smith defended his outlet over their publishing the dossier, saying it was a "document of obvious central public importance."

Carlson said Smith may have been considering the importance the dossier has been given in the time since publication, but not necessarily what it meant in January 2017.

Smith said that despite the fact the dossier has since caused political and legal repercussions, at the time of publication, it was still a document alleging serious actions against a president-elect.

Carlson asked Smith if he ran with the dossier because it may end up hurting Trump, asking if he would similarly publish an unverified dossier claiming President Obama had ties to Kenya - as claimed by the "birther" movement.

"I'm not attacking you for running it," Carlson added.

Smith said any opinions of Trump did not affect the decision to publish, and reiterated the importance the dossier represented - even in early 2016.

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