Malkin to Liberals: 'Put Down the Oprah Bong and Stop Inhaling'

Shapiro on 2020 Dem Race: Can You Imagine Oprah Losing to Biden? I Can't

President Donald Trump said Tuesday he believes he would defeat Oprah Winfrey in a potential 2020 presidential election, but doesn't believe she'll run. 

Trump took a few questions after a meeting with top Democrats and Republicans on a potential immigration deal on border security and DACA.

As he wrapped up the event, a reporter asked "can you you beat Oprah?"

"Yeah, I'll beat Oprah," he answered.

He recalled that he and his family appeared on Oprah's TV show in its final week. 

"I like Oprah. I don't think she's gonna run," he said, joking that he hoped the assembled reporters would have "enough material."

"This should cover you for about two weeks."

The speculation around Winfrey's political aspirations ramped up immediately after her speech at the Golden Globes Sunday night. 

"I want all of the girls watching here now to know, that a new day is on the horizon," she said in a speech about civil rights and the #MeToo movement.

Winfrey's close friend, CBS anchor Gayle King, said Tuesday that Winfrey is "intrigued by the idea" of running for president, but did not write her speech with politics in mind.

Watch the exchange above.

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