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There’s been a lot of talk lately about President Trump’s mental stability. Well, I have some Final Thoughts on that.

See, that’s what the anti-Trump crowd on both sides of the political spectrum turn to when every other conspiracy theory and attempt to torpedo this presidency fails.

Robert Mueller’s so-called “independent” Russia investigation has proven nothing … and is nothing but a sorry and expensive waste of resources designed to discredit a president that Beltway insiders and Hollywood liberals don’t like. If anything, we’re learning through other reporting that Hillary Clinton was cozier with the Russians than the president.

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But otherwise Trump-Russia is a nothing burger, so lefties and mainstream media hacks have to move on to this new means of sabotage: Declaring the president mentally unfit for office.

Excuse me, the fact you don’t like him or didn’t vote for him doesn’t make him mentally unfit. “He’s mean,” or “I don’t like his Twitter feed” aren't grounds for impeachment, sorry.

So here’s my question. Why are some of you trying so hard to get rid of a president that’s winning for the American people? Why?

Mentally unfit? Crazy? If the steady defeat of ISIS, a tax cut for 80 percent of Americans, consistent economic growth, record highs in the stock market and the resurgence of American jobs, energy and hope is all crazy - I don’t want sane! If the last 16 years of bi-partisan failure is what sane looks like, I’ll take crazy with a side of looney, wrapped up in straight jacket.

But Trump is crazy - really?                                                   

No. Importing poverty, crime and illegal immigrants is crazy. Recognizing 64 gender options is crazy. Playing nice with crazy dictators is crazy. Forcing the American people to have health insurance they don’t necessarily want is crazy.  Opening our pocketbooks even wider for the government, that’s crazy.

Our president is more rooted in reality than all these wackadoodle liberals calling for his mental evaluation.

What’s crazy is they can’t and won’t see any of the positive change this president has made because they are too wrapped up in themselves, their feelings, and salacious gossip to recognize what’s really happening in this country - greatness that's happening despite their best efforts to sabotage it all.

Get a grip.

Those are my Final Thoughts. From the epicenter of the resistance, God Bless and take care.

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