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Tucker Carlson debated Mexican-American journalist Jorge Ramos on the prospect of legalizing hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants.

"I never thought I would be on Fox News listening to you criticize President Trump," Ramos said, referring to Carlson's opening monologue.

Ramos said Trump's eagerness to cut an immigration deal surprised him, but added that he didn't trust the president to follow through on such a liberal promise.

The Fusion TV anchor told Carlson that Americans are to blame for the amount of illegals in the country, citing the number that work as agriculture harvesters and hotel maids.

"I find your premise somehow deeply disingenuous," Carlson responded. "[It's] not because of me. It's because a small number of employers wanted to pay less for labor and the Democratic Party wanted voters."

He asked Ramos why Americans should allow Democratic policies to import a new electorate and have them decide who runs their government.

Regarding "chain migration," Ramos said he prefers the term "family reunification" and asked Carlson if he enjoys spending time together with his family.

Carlson dismissed Ramos' premise, saying the argument is a backdoor way to accuse people who disagreed with him of bigotry.

Ramos said Trump's previous opposition to chain migration of Hispanic and Asian immigrants is code for "Make America White Again."

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