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In his monologue, Greg Gutfeld reported that a New York professor has deemed merit-based education a "tool of whiteness."

Laurie H. Rubel, a mathematics professor at Brooklyn College in Flatbush, said teachers who claim to be "color-blind" with regards to rewards or punishment "are in effect refusing to acknowledge the impact of enduring racial stratification on students."

Gutfeld gave an example of injecting "social justice" issues into mathematics problems, as the teacher reportedly suggested.

"Sally is carrying six masks to an Antifa rally. She encounters four evil white males who steal two of them. How many ski masks does she have left? Answer: You're racist," he said.

Gutfeld said that if the idea that effort leads to reward is evil, then it suggests certain students can't handle actual effort.

He said nothing good can come from teachers who "seek to reduce education to simple identity politics algebra."

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