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"Daily Wire" editor Ben Shapiro reacted to Oprah Winfrey's speech at the Golden Globe Awards, as well as her prospects for a future in politics.

After the speech, there was much talk of Winfrey as a possible 2020 Democratic opponent to President Trump.

Shapiro said the 63-year-old talk show host and producer has high popularity now, but that such plaudits would "take a hit" if she entered the political arena.

He credited her as a "self-made billionaire" with "a great personal story."

But, he warned she is a "conspiracy theorist [and is] on the far left."

Shapiro said Winfrey would have little trouble in the Democratic primary on account of her star power, adding that she would easily defeat prospective frontrunner Joe Biden (D-Del.).

"Can you imagine Oprah Winfrey losing primaries to Joe Biden? I can't," he said.

But Shapiro expressed doubt about her candidacy against Trump, once she'd have her life put under the political microscope against a man who had his own alleged scandals.

Of her speech, Shapiro said he didn't see the "bravery" others claimed Winfrey exhibited.

"What changed? She said a bunch of stuff [about sexual harassment]. Most of us agreed with that stuff when [the Harvey Weinstein story] first broke," he said.

Shapiro said Winfrey would have trouble politically in that regard if she entered the 2020 race because she has been a fixture in Hollywood for decades and also appeared to be good friends with Weinstein.

"It took the "New Yorker" and [former MSNBC host] Ronan Farrow to break it," Shapiro said of the Weinstein scandal.

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